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Kitty Maestro is a musically-accurate arcade game set in a city of cats.

You play as a cat-composer travelling around the city of Petropolis looking for inspiration. You collect and construct riffs of music to complete an Oh-Puss that will be performed at the magnificent Meowditorium.

Petropolis has many locations typical of a capital city - a rich, vibrant culture to draw from. The Cat-Nav is used to find and travel to inspirational areas of the city to build your musical composition.

Inspired by classic video games and Game & Watch LCD games, Kitty Maestro features randomly generated, accurate music as part of a meowtastic monochromatic arcade game set in a city of cats.


The demo is free and features a rich gameplay experience - including the Meowditorium. The demo is limited by game length and only contains four city locations (Art Gallery, Trendy Cafe, Cinema and Aquarium).

Kitty Maestro (Demo) is available for PC and Mac.

Demo for the Nintendo Switch is only available when the full game is released (it's a Nintendo thing).

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Musically accurate

  • perfect intonation in 11 major scales
  • scales up to 5 sharps/5 flats
  • melodic mono-rhythms
  • treble clef range - easy to read on the stave
  • meow along to the music (you know you want to)

Easy arcade action

  • *meow* and throw notes to make music
  • procedurally generated riffs
  • game length from two to twenty riffs long
  • five difficulty levels from Beginner to Maestro

Meowtastic setting

  • Petropolis, the city of cats
  • A variety of locations you would expect in a large city (some more respectable than others)
Published 20 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tags2D, Arcade, kitty, maestro, Music

Download demo

KittyMaestro_DEMO_PC_64bit.zip 55 MB
KittyMaestro_DEMO_Mac.zip 55 MB


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